Concept Art Assignment

Concept Art

Apologies that this is in pdf form but i was having trouble translating my work to wordpress. Other work will be uploaded in blog form.

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Some Updates And My Game Presentation

So we have officially just been fully briefed on what we will be doing until Christmas.

For Ekow, we will be doing some models of our proposed 3D environment and also a short animated clip going around a part of our environment.

For Gareth, we will be doing various pieces of concept art. For a main character, enemies, collectable items, main HUD and a start screen.

For Ben, we will be learning how to communicate our ideas, understand basic principles of game design, how to present our ideas and looking at various modelling techniques.

If you would like to see my game proposal presentation, then click here —-> Game Presentation

Since this presentation i have changed a few of my ideas which can be found in my 3D Environments Proposal.

It might seem a little confusing without me being able to explain it, but it is all explained in my 3D Environments Proposal for Ekow.

My Pre-Production Work On My 3D Environment

First, apologies, i am incredibly sorry that this work is as late as it is. You will also notice that  do not have my schedule, this is because i am rather confused by it, and i (stupidly) didn’t ask for help when i had the chance. The rest of my work however is here, and i hope that i have done it up to the standard expected of me.


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3D Environment Proposal

3D Environments Proposal