Website Creation and Evaluation

The website

Turning Point Productions

I enjoyed this project, and although I don’t necessarily plan on going on to do web design, it has been a fun experience designing and making this website. Since the company I made a website for was my immediate family I was able to get most of the information I needed to get for the site. The only problem was that there was never a very good time to get a brief from them. Lucky I have been a large part of publicity for their company so I already know a fair bit about them. I am not very adapt at coding so I’m glad we were able to use WordPress. We’ve been using on the course, we’ve been using it to upload our work on blog posts, so I was used to using it. I believe that the website I built for this company helps tell people what they do and what they plan on doing. Even though I’ve been using WordPress for the last year I still learned some new key skills to help me improve how I lay my personal and college blog out.

I hope that my client will like their website as I have tried to follow what they asked for. They wanted their site colours to be that of their logo, their logo is a medium pink and white. I feel as if I met this expectation with the site. They asked that information on cast and previous shows be put on the site, this was a must have and so I made sure to have it on the site.

I think if I had been more vigilant in the hours I put in to making the website then it may have had more to it, I also didn’t have all the images I needed to use as they were unavailable at the time of making the site.

This task is usually supposed to be done with a team of four, however, due to the fact that I moved away I had to do this task by myself. This made things slightly more slow however I still managed to finish the site. It was difficult doing it without a team to help, however I think this proves that I am capable of doing big tasks on my own.

In conclusion, at first I was having difficulty making the site but over time as I learned more about how to use WordPress I found it much easier to make changes and add different things to it, like a photo slideshow on the footer. I enjoyed learning new skills however I don’t plan on taking up web design in the future.



Devising a Structured Website

I will be making a website for the production company Turning Point Productions. They are a theatre company that put on different shows and plays in the West Sussex area. They moved up to Sussex from Devon about six months ago. The have put on many shows in the past and are planning more in the future, they have had many cast and crew members over the past 5 years they have been a company. As they have made a change in location they would also like a new website to go along with that.

What they want.

They would like their website to be relatively easy to navigate, they would like obvious buttons to navigate to other pages and places on the site, lucky with WordPress this is simple to do. They would like their websites primary colour to be a medium pink as that’s the colour of their logo.


As their productions are shown to both those of an older and younger age, they need their website to be child friendly and easy to read. They would like a font as close to theirs as I can get, so it needs to be bold and also needs to join if at all possible. Throughout each of their shows they have had a photographer of some description, so they would like photos to be easily seen for each of their shows. As they’ve made as many shows as they have, they would like a page where you can see their previous shows, the posters and photos that went along with them.

They have had lots of cast and crew members over the years that they have been doing shows. Because of this, they would like a page where you can see all the previous and current cast and crew and small descriptions of them, which will be given to me by TPP. this website should be relatively easy to navigate around and make pages for. They would like an image on their front page to show off one of their shows.

Home Page

This will be the page that people are greeted with when they open the website. TPP would like it to tell viewers about what sort of shows they put on and the history of their company.

Cast and Crew.

They would like images and small bunch of text saying who they are and what they might have done for the company.


This will be a page with a list of their previous productions and the date they were shown as well as any future productions they may have ready.

On every page there will be four menus

  • Home
  • Cast and Crew
  • Productions
  • Contact

Each menu button will take you to its individual page.

I’m hoping to have the website done early July.

Planning of 2D Animation Sequence

The game I will be making a trailer for is Pokemon Red, released early 1996. I chose this game because I know that Pokemon is enjoyed by lots of people. To be sure, I looked for the best selling video games and found that Pokemon Red is the second best selling game on the Game Boy. I feel that Pokemon is a good choice because they are still releasing new Pokemon games to this day, this proves that people still want to play Pokemon games.

To think of ideas I decided to look at the original trailer released for Pokemon Red.

The original Pokemon trailer.

This trailer was helpful because they have mixed 2D animation and live action shooting which is what we have to do. In this trailer the live action character communicates a lot with the 2D characters. In my trailer, for the most part my live action character wont communicate with the 2D characters.

Trailer Ideas

My first trailer ideas starts with someone on a sofa playing on a Nintendo. It will zoom onto their face and they will look up to see a small Pokemon in front of them. They will proceed to pick up the Pokemon and it will cut to the motion graphic.

old storyboard

I drew a simple storyboard for this idea. One of the biggest problems with this idea is that it would be too short. Our trailers have to be between thirty and sixty seconds long.

My Trailer Idea

My trailer will start in a bedroom, the live action character will be on the computer. He will be looking at a website on Pokemon merchandise. I will have to photoshop an image and make it look as if it is a website for the character to look at. After he looks at the website he will get up and leave. As he leaves the chair he was sitting in will slightly spin and will reveal a Pokemon sat next to the computer. The next scene will show him walking down the hallway and down the stairs. As he is walking past the door two Pokemon will appear out from the doorframe and look down the hall. He will walk down the stairs and into the lounge. When in the lounge he will stop and see the dragon type Pokemon names Charizard. It will slightly zoom onto his face and then cut to the motion graphics.

Main storyboard

This is my storyboard for my final trailer idea. The last two shots are the motion graphics that I will use in my trailer.After deciding on my trailer, I had to come up with character designs.

Animated Characters

There will be four different Pokemon in my trailer.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charizard and Squirtle

The first animated character you will see is Charmander hidden behind a chair.


The next Pokemon you will see is Bulbasaur and Squirtle. They will be looking away from the camera through a doorway. This will be easier than the charmander because I will only have to draw them from one angle.

The last character you are introduced to is Charizard. He was the first character I began working on. Pokemon is originally an 8-bit game so I started to design Charizard as an 8-Bit character.

After drawing it I made a cleaner version in Photoshop. The problem with having an 8-bit character is that it can be hard to draw it from different angles, so i decided against an 8-bit character.

I have decided to go more cel-shaded than pixel, this makes it a little bit easier for me to animate from different angles. There will be a face close up of Charizard so I will also have to have a good face close up.


The room which will be seen for the longest time will be the first room. The first room will be a bedroom. I would really like to integrate the world of Pokemon into my trailer. To do this I am going to make a poster and a fake webpage to appear in my trailer.

BG poster

The point that my trailer will try to put across is that you can immerse yourself in the Pokemon game world. I will have to photoshop both of these items to appear in the trailer.

Photoshop bg

I will make this look as if it is a fake website that the character is browsing.


My trailer will be within thirty and forty seconds long. My railer will try to convince people that you can be immersed in the Pokemon world by playing Pokemon Red. I will have to create my own soundtrack for the trailer, and will add effects that I will create. I have already begun testing for the motion graphic part of my trailer and have a good idea of the final design. I will begin filming of my trailer soon.

























Graphic Production Report

While editing my concept sketches I decided to use Photoshop, this is because i feel very comfortable in using it.01011304This is one of my first drawings. it is of one of the many choices of game protagonist.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 15.56.51I started off by opening my original drawing, i put a blank page on it and lowered the opacity of the page.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 15.57.52So what i saw while working on it was a slightly less visible version, the reason for this is because then once i have made the changes i can then delete the original photo and still have a background.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 15.58.35 The tool i would primarily use throughout all of my working is the pen tool. The pen tool is very good for drawing with. Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 16.24.07I would start by outlining the whole of the photo, i would draw with then pen tool on top of the slightly opaque page.Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 16.24.12If i were to bring the opacity up it will look something like this. Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 16.47.22It can be quite a long process but it is one of the ways i found easiest with good results. Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 17.09.23This is the final piece before colouring it. Throughout the process of creating the concepts for our games i have been undeceive on weather my game should be photorealistic or cel-shaded. I ended my decision somewhere in-between. I would rather like there to be bold colour, and yet have the background be more photorealistic. finished daredevilThis was how my final piece of The protagonist came out. I am happy with the result, however i would have liked it too have been more photorealistic. Unfortunately my artistic skill can only take me so far.

This is a huge improvement to what i had previously drawn. I feel as if the colour really makes it come alive. For instance, darker colours suggests that this character wants to remain hidden from anyone and anything.Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 16.49.26Halfway through making this monster/mutant enemy character i decided that i would have to also use the line tool. The line tool allows you to draw straight lines. The only problem was that the size and colour was all off so i had to compromise and try and use the pen tool again instead. i also decided to add blood on the teeth of this mutant because i feel that that would let the player know that this creature is dangerous. I like how the head of the creature almost looks like bark from a tree. this gave me an idea for my game. i would have mages merge with different objects and materials to make them more powerful.

Compared to the concept sketch, i feel that this one is a big improvement. Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 16.49.39 This is what i wanted my first person view of the game too look like. Due to the lots of straight edges and simplicity, this one was the easiest to do.Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 17.03.05This will be the main menu. A chimera standing atop the flag of the game world. I would like it like this because it is simple and easy to use. Continue is greyed out because you cant use it until you have started a game. If you had saved data you would be able to use the continue button. the good thing about this is its not too simple and there isn’t too little going on.01011309 copyThis is what the main menu was like before editing it. I didn’t like the fact that there were so little options on the first screen you see as a player.