Website Creation and Evaluation

The website

Turning Point Productions

I enjoyed this project, and although I don’t necessarily plan on going on to do web design, it has been a fun experience designing and making this website. Since the company I made a website for was my immediate family I was able to get most of the information I needed to get for the site. The only problem was that there was never a very good time to get a brief from them. Lucky I have been a large part of publicity for their company so I already know a fair bit about them. I am not very adapt at coding so I’m glad we were able to use WordPress. We’ve been using on the course, we’ve been using it to upload our work on blog posts, so I was used to using it. I believe that the website I built for this company helps tell people what they do and what they plan on doing. Even though I’ve been using WordPress for the last year I still learned some new key skills to help me improve how I lay my personal and college blog out.

I hope that my client will like their website as I have tried to follow what they asked for. They wanted their site colours to be that of their logo, their logo is a medium pink and white. I feel as if I met this expectation with the site. They asked that information on cast and previous shows be put on the site, this was a must have and so I made sure to have it on the site.

I think if I had been more vigilant in the hours I put in to making the website then it may have had more to it, I also didn’t have all the images I needed to use as they were unavailable at the time of making the site.

This task is usually supposed to be done with a team of four, however, due to the fact that I moved away I had to do this task by myself. This made things slightly more slow however I still managed to finish the site. It was difficult doing it without a team to help, however I think this proves that I am capable of doing big tasks on my own.

In conclusion, at first I was having difficulty making the site but over time as I learned more about how to use WordPress I found it much easier to make changes and add different things to it, like a photo slideshow on the footer. I enjoyed learning new skills however I don’t plan on taking up web design in the future.



Devising a Structured Website

I will be making a website for the production company Turning Point Productions. They are a theatre company that put on different shows and plays in the West Sussex area. They moved up to Sussex from Devon about six months ago. The have put on many shows in the past and are planning more in the future, they have had many cast and crew members over the past 5 years they have been a company. As they have made a change in location they would also like a new website to go along with that.

What they want.

They would like their website to be relatively easy to navigate, they would like obvious buttons to navigate to other pages and places on the site, lucky with WordPress this is simple to do. They would like their websites primary colour to be a medium pink as that’s the colour of their logo.


As their productions are shown to both those of an older and younger age, they need their website to be child friendly and easy to read. They would like a font as close to theirs as I can get, so it needs to be bold and also needs to join if at all possible. Throughout each of their shows they have had a photographer of some description, so they would like photos to be easily seen for each of their shows. As they’ve made as many shows as they have, they would like a page where you can see their previous shows, the posters and photos that went along with them.

They have had lots of cast and crew members over the years that they have been doing shows. Because of this, they would like a page where you can see all the previous and current cast and crew and small descriptions of them, which will be given to me by TPP. this website should be relatively easy to navigate around and make pages for. They would like an image on their front page to show off one of their shows.

Home Page

This will be the page that people are greeted with when they open the website. TPP would like it to tell viewers about what sort of shows they put on and the history of their company.

Cast and Crew.

They would like images and small bunch of text saying who they are and what they might have done for the company.


This will be a page with a list of their previous productions and the date they were shown as well as any future productions they may have ready.

On every page there will be four menus

  • Home
  • Cast and Crew
  • Productions
  • Contact

Each menu button will take you to its individual page.

I’m hoping to have the website done early July.

Personal Career Progression


My Blog

To whom it may concern.

I am writing to express my interest in the video editor position that you currently have available at you What Culture office in England. I would be very interested in this position as I like the idea of editing videos and learning more about the industry. I believe that the role of video editor in a video based company is a very important role. I am familiar with the What Culture brand and I think I could bring a new quality to the company. I like to work with a team and taking constructive feedback. I have been editing videos for a little while now and would be willing to learn new and exciting skills. Please see my CV and blog of current work attached. I hope you will consider me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully,

Tristan Smith


I feel as if my cover letter would clearly explain what I will bring and why I should get the job, here’s a standard cover letter


Job Link

What skills are required to develop and improve to get this job.

Although I know how to edit videos on a basic level I would still need to improve on my editing skills if I want this job. They are looking for someone who is skilled in after effect, I know how to use it but I would still need to learn more about it. It would require me to work in a large group of people, I feel as if i would be okay with this as I work in large groups of people at work.










Task 4 – Employment Opportunities In The Media Sector

The gaming industry has a wide array of different job opportunities. As the jobs are so varied in the gaming industry, lots of people with different skills are needed to be hired. Jobs start from entry levels to senior roles in the industry. There are different types of employment. A part-time position means you work between 0 – 24 hours a week, a full time position means you work 40+ hours a week. Self employment (also known as freelancing) is where you will hire yourself out to companies looking for your certain expertise.

Job opportunities.

Game Tester. A game tester is someone who tests games before they’re released. Game testers have to look out for any bugs or glitches that may be found in a game that they have been asked to test. They may be asked fir hours on end to play a videogame to look out for bugs that other testers may have found before them. You would also in some cases, look for spelling mistakes in the games subtitles.                                                                           The pros of being a game tester is that if you have a love for videogames and like to play them then you would be able to be a large part of the production process. Unfortunately, the job does come with some cons, for instance, you may be asked to work unsocial hours such as national holidays and weekends.                                                                                                   This job would interact with other game teams such as level design and coding. The reason for this is because as you are finding bugs you would also have to report them to the right teams. The skills for this job will vary from very few to a lot. In some cases, you wont need much prior experience but will need a keen attention to detail and a will need to enjoy videogames. In other cases you will need lots of prior experience including degrees and previously having a job in the industry.

Animation. In gaming, animation is arguably one of the most important things. Animation is used throughout a game and very heavily in cutscenes, it help to tell a story, which is what a large number of gamers want. Animators have to show how a person moves and how they behave so they are very important.                                                                   The pros of being an animator is that you get to have fun in your job and watch the things you animate come to life. If you have a love for videogames then you get to be a part of the process of making one. One of the cons is that you’re less likely to get a high end animation job without a university degree of some description. Chances are large game companies are looking for people with prior experience and lots of it at that.                             Animators may work closely with many other development teams, from the writers to the storyboard artists. An obvious must have is that you must be able to animate, with prior degrees and experience with other animation companies.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is a term that is generally used to mean a physical folder or portfolio documenting your development as a professional. In this there can be any qualifications or skills you may have picked up while working or courses outside of work.

In the gaming industry jobs are, more likely to be full time than they are to be part-time. The reason for this is that once you have started working on a game you will be for the next four or five years (if its a Triple A game). If a company hires you it is usually because they have seen potential in hiring you and know you would be good for their company so they would want to keep you for as long as they could. There are currently lots of self employed game developers who will make their living of creating independent games (more commonly known as indie games).

SWOT analysis of my professional development.

To work in any industry you must have a certain professionalism to yourself and your work. I feel as if I have a few good strengths that would come in handy within the gaming industry. One of my strengths is the fact that I have been using Photoshop and After Effects for a while now which gives me an advantage over some other young people looking for jobs in this industry. Another strength of mine would be the fact that i love videogames, having a passion for them has allowed me to know a lot about them and learn more about them. A weakness of mine would be that I much prefer to work in a group which can be difficult when I am not doing a group project. Another weakness of mine would probably be the fact that I can get distracted by other things when trying to do work, if I where to get a job in the gaming industry then I would have to put my head down and just get on with work. After looking at different job opportunities I have found lots of areas of work that I would be interested in, one for instance is a company that is looking for a video editor with not much more experience than me. With the gaming industry becoming a much bigger industry in the last 20 years, its no surprise that theres lots of jobs up for offer. With this being said, I don’t think that I will come across much resistance from other people looking for jobs as their are so many at the moment.










Regulation Of The Media Sector

There are a lot of different professional bodies that regulate the gaming industry. The regulations they apply to thee gaming industry are made to protect people from games that may be inappropriate for them and they also make sure certain rules are followed when making and creating a videogame. Some regulations include, advertisement laws, data protection and privacy and age rating and classification. These all mean different things when making a game and you must abide by them to get your game sold.

While making content for collage i haven’t come across any issues when it comes to regulations in the gaming industry. When it came to making our game trailers i had to keep in mind that I would be uploading it to youtube so i had to be sure to abide by YouTubes rules. While making concepts for our games I had to make sure to avoid any content that would be deemed inappropriate to make sure not to offend anyone. Many Triple A game companies have to follow similar rules.

The gaming industry has regulations to protect people from games that may be inappropriate for their age group. Some regulations make sure that game companies keep any personal information about their customers private so that no one can steal from them. Another regulation is the fact that if a trailer thats made is not gameplay footage they must specify that in small print. The reason for this is that people will be disappointed if they bought a game for a trailer they saw that was not gameplay footage, this would in turn give the game bad reviews.

A Monopoly is a situation when a single company or group owns all or most of the market for a given type of product or service, in this instance it would be games. It’s important that no one company has a Monopoly, the reason for this is because they will have full control of a complete market which means they would have to release lots of content quickly, due to this, the content they release would be bad quality and be very expensive.

Consumer choice is exactly what it sounds like, it is the choices that consumers are or have been making over time. This can determine weather or not a company should make another game in a series or weather a console hasConsumer choice is very important for game companies as their consumers choices will effect how much they make and what they should make next. It can help game companies know weather they need to change anything in their next game by seeing what their consumers have been choosing recently.

Censorship is the suppression of information that may be considered harmful for the consumer. An example of this is when games may censor swear words as to not persuade people to use swear words. Some people think that there is a fine line between protecting the public interest and censorship. Public interest can also be considered the welfare and well-being of the public. So censoring swear words could be considered protecting the public interest.

Under 18’s are subject to particular consideration by regulators as they are more influenced by things they may see or play. If you were to break a regulation when releasing a game then you could be fined or prosecuted as they must be followed. Regulations and deregulations can slow down production and release of videogames as there is lots of legal process.













Ethical And Legal Constraints Within The Media Sector

In the gaming industry, ethical and legal issues are taken more lightly than they are in other industries such as the movie industry, one of the major differences is the fact that you have control over the video game. Most games almost include anything they want. Most games have murder, war, stealing, illegal drug use, killing of civilians and the list goes on. The age rating changes what you can and can’t put in a video game, in a game that is rated a 12, you couldn’t pass off more than a swear word and some violent scenes, in a game rated 18, like Grand Theft Auto V, you can go on a murder spree and your character is constantly involved in drug smuggling. To sum up, the gaming industries have a lot of free reign when it comes to putting content in games that would be deemed hurtful to certain cultures and religions.

In the gaming industry a large issue they have is underage people playing a game that is rated above their age. To stop young people being drawn towards such violence videogames, the PEGI rating was introduced.

The PEGI rating tells users how old you should be to be able to purchase and play this game, this stops younger people playing such violent games. If someone who looks younger than they say tries to purchase a game that is made for age groups above them they will be asked for identification thanks to the PEGI rating system. Unfortunately, to get around this, young people will ask their siblings or parents to buy it for them.

In the work I do for college i must be sure not to offend anyone from a certain culture or religion as this will show that I haven’t thought about how people may react to my work and how they may be offended. To get around this I make sure to not put any racial or stereotypical like comments in my work. For the trailer I made, no one spoke in it, this way I didn’t have any trouble making sure not to offend anyone.


Making sure that your games are legally and ethically acceptable will make other companies and advertisers want to show off your game which will make more people want to buy it which would also in turn give the company more money. Games have started putting disclamers on their game title screens

This is the Assassin’s Creed title screen, this is shown due to the fact that the Assassin’s game series is based on historical events that have been altered for the games purposes.

There are plenty of laws that regulate the videogame industry, one of them i talked about earlier, that one being age ratings, this law protects young people from violent videogames. Something I didn’t mention however was videogame classification.

This would show the more specific reasons as to why a game is rated how it is. You may see a 16 rated game and it would also tell you the reason for that is violence.

Another law that regulates the game industry is the the data protection and privacy law. This means that if you were to give some bank details to a company (I.E. PlayStation Network) they would have to keep your details private. To make sure of this, companies make sure that not only will your details be leaked digitally but physically too, which is why password protection on consoles is so important.

It is good to know about these laws and all the others if you want to create a game, this way you can’t be seen as breaking any of these laws and people will have much more respect for your game.




Structure And Ownership Of The Media Sector

The company I have chosen is Bethesda Game Studios. Bethesda have had a huge impact as a game production company for a very long time. The gaming industry has been a competitive market for a very long time with Bethesda constantly producing best-selling video games. Bethesda has been around since it was founded in 1986 by Christopher Weaver and Robert A. Altman. Bethesda owns Bethesda Game Studios, which is just one of their many subsidiaries. Bethesda is a horizontally integrated company as they own other companies in the gaming industry. Horizontal integration allows companies to expand their reach in their particular industry, it also allows them to expand to new audiences and demographics. The games that Bethesda produce are usually role-playing games based in a fantasy world. Their hit game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was the third best selling game of 2011, and their newest game Fallout 4 was the third best selling game of 2015. Their fan base consists of both teens and adults alike. Bethesda allows people to not only play their games but also modify them on PC’s as they see fit. People from their community will create modifications (or “mods”) for various games Bethesda have released. Recently, for their newest game Fallout 4, they have put mods onto next generation consoles which is a big step forward and something no other company has done. Bethesda has a wide scope of competitors, almost all being high-end game producers such as Rockstar or Activision. Bethesda is constantly releasing best selling games, so their main competitors are Triple-A game companies that release games around the same time that they do. For instance, this year Bethesda released the new Doom game, shortly after Blizzard released its new hit game Overwatch. So right now it cold be argued that Bethesda’s main competitor right now is Blizzard. Bethesda’s audience is made up of almost completely gamers, their games are made for ages 16 and above, this is a god target audience since teens tend to have more time to play games. Around 2002 Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios became separated between publisher and developer. Beginning with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda Softworks began publishing Bethesda Game Studios games. This helps them bring more games out quicker as they have two different companies playing two major parts in the creation of a Triple-A videogame.

Companies become more powerful by buying other companies and getting a bigger workforce, this way they can create more content for their consumers to enjoy. When a company buys out, merges or joins a company it allows the companies to expand who their selling their games to. In 2010 Zenimax Media acquired Arkane Studios. In most cases, a company acquiring another company means the acquired company usually changes how they make content. In the case of  Arkane Studios, they were happy to be teamed up with Bethesda Game Studios as they make similar styled games.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 16.31.27.png

Global companies become powerful by owning most of the market for a given type of product. The problem with owning most of the market is that you would be forced to release lot of (in this case) videogames and they wouldn’t be very good quality as you’re releasing so many so quickly.



















Research Report

Market and Audience Research

I am making a trailer for the game Pokemon Red. Pokemon Red was released in 1996 and many new versions have been and are still being made today. The game would be released for all ages, the game isn’t graphically violent and is very child friendly. My trailer will also be released for all audiences, the reason for this is because the trailer is supposed to make you want to buy the game, so releasing it to everyone will make more people want to buy it. My trailer wont be violent or scary so younger viewers should be okay with it. My trailer will mix animation with live action recording to make the viewer feel immersed in the Pokemon world.

Although my game is being released for everyone, my main target audience is older teens to young adults as they will have more patience and time to play through the whole game. another reason for this is that most young adults would have owned the original Pokemon games and may be more interested due to that fact. I think it would be a good idea to put my trailer on youtube and on other social media websites so that more people will see it. The reason this may get more peoples attention is because a lot of people now use social media everyday, so they would be more likely to see my trailer. When doing my survey, lots of people said that trailers influence them to buy games, not only that, but they also said that they would like to see Pokemon Red re-released. Nintendo have actually released a Pokemon red re-make, this proves that people definitely wanted to see another one.


Production research

My trailer should be relatively easy to record. For the live action shooting I have acquired an SLR camera that I will be using to record. I also have a tripod for shots that require the camera to be still. All the recording will take place in my house as my trailer is trying to show everyone that you an be immersed in this game. For recording the sound I may have to go to different places to get certain sounds, such as smoke or dry ice. As my Dad’s a musician, I can get access to proper sound recording mic’s. This is helpful as it will be able to capture the sound as cleanly and clearly as possible. This will also help me to back up my point of people feeling immersed. As I am doing my work outside of college, I have had to start paying for Adobe Suite. Adobe Suite gives me access to all the Adobe applications, including Adobe After Effects. This will allow me to animate the animated portion of my trailer. I wont need to record anywhere else but my house, this saves me having to ask permission to record in certain places. I will have to use Photoshop a lot to create the characters that I will then animate. They will be easier to animate in Photoshop as After Effects is primarily used to actually animate the characters.


Rational for Trailer and Marketing Strategy

I have tried to keep my trailer violent free, this way more people will see it and share it, not just those in my target audience. One of the main reasons i chose my target audience to be older teen and young adult is due to the fact that they would be more time to play them and appreciate them. The chart below shows that a high percentage of young adults (between 18-35) play videogames online or offline, which makes them a perfect target audience. It also shows that the gender of the average gamer is slightly more male than it is female, my trailer isn’t directed towards either gender which gives me an advantage.esa-on-games

My trailer is basically an announcement trailer for the Pokemon Red.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 15.45.24.png

Image From: Videopixie

As you can see from the image above, an announcement trailer is made to get people excited about a game. This is why I will have to put the more exciting aspects of Pokemon into the trailer, for this I will be animating the main Pokemon characters from the game into my trailer. It also says it is good not to reveal too much, my trailer will follow this guideline as i do not have much to reveal apart from the trailer itself.


Pokemon is defined as a Role-Playing Game (RPG) and and Action game. Luckily for me both RPG and Action games are high on the list of favourite genres. This is good because it means that fans of both the genres can enjoy my game and will want to watch the trailer to find out more.

I will be putting my trailer on YouTube, this will allow more people to see it, it is also good to put it on different social network sights as more and more people are using social network sights.


This shows just how many people are now using social networking sights.


In conclusion, I hope make a trailer that will portray the Pokemon Red game well and I hope it is enjoyed by my target audience.