Website Creation and Evaluation

The website

Turning Point Productions

I enjoyed this project, and although I don’t necessarily plan on going on to do web design, it has been a fun experience designing and making this website. Since the company I made a website for was my immediate family I was able to get most of the information I needed to get for the site. The only problem was that there was never a very good time to get a brief from them. Lucky I have been a large part of publicity for their company so I already know a fair bit about them. I am not very adapt at coding so I’m glad we were able to use WordPress. We’ve been using on the course, we’ve been using it to upload our work on blog posts, so I was used to using it. I believe that the website I built for this company helps tell people what they do and what they plan on doing. Even though I’ve been using WordPress for the last year I still learned some new key skills to help me improve how I lay my personal and college blog out.

I hope that my client will like their website as I have tried to follow what they asked for. They wanted their site colours to be that of their logo, their logo is a medium pink and white. I feel as if I met this expectation with the site. They asked that information on cast and previous shows be put on the site, this was a must have and so I made sure to have it on the site.

I think if I had been more vigilant in the hours I put in to making the website then it may have had more to it, I also didn’t have all the images I needed to use as they were unavailable at the time of making the site.

This task is usually supposed to be done with a team of four, however, due to the fact that I moved away I had to do this task by myself. This made things slightly more slow however I still managed to finish the site. It was difficult doing it without a team to help, however I think this proves that I am capable of doing big tasks on my own.

In conclusion, at first I was having difficulty making the site but over time as I learned more about how to use WordPress I found it much easier to make changes and add different things to it, like a photo slideshow on the footer. I enjoyed learning new skills however I don’t plan on taking up web design in the future.



Devising a Structured Website

I will be making a website for the production company Turning Point Productions. They are a theatre company that put on different shows and plays in the West Sussex area. They moved up to Sussex from Devon about six months ago. The have put on many shows in the past and are planning more in the future, they have had many cast and crew members over the past 5 years they have been a company. As they have made a change in location they would also like a new website to go along with that.

What they want.

They would like their website to be relatively easy to navigate, they would like obvious buttons to navigate to other pages and places on the site, lucky with WordPress this is simple to do. They would like their websites primary colour to be a medium pink as that’s the colour of their logo.


As their productions are shown to both those of an older and younger age, they need their website to be child friendly and easy to read. They would like a font as close to theirs as I can get, so it needs to be bold and also needs to join if at all possible. Throughout each of their shows they have had a photographer of some description, so they would like photos to be easily seen for each of their shows. As they’ve made as many shows as they have, they would like a page where you can see their previous shows, the posters and photos that went along with them.

They have had lots of cast and crew members over the years that they have been doing shows. Because of this, they would like a page where you can see all the previous and current cast and crew and small descriptions of them, which will be given to me by TPP. this website should be relatively easy to navigate around and make pages for. They would like an image on their front page to show off one of their shows.

Home Page

This will be the page that people are greeted with when they open the website. TPP would like it to tell viewers about what sort of shows they put on and the history of their company.

Cast and Crew.

They would like images and small bunch of text saying who they are and what they might have done for the company.


This will be a page with a list of their previous productions and the date they were shown as well as any future productions they may have ready.

On every page there will be four menus

  • Home
  • Cast and Crew
  • Productions
  • Contact

Each menu button will take you to its individual page.

I’m hoping to have the website done early July.

Sound Proposal With Pre-Production

I will be making a trailer for the game Pokemon Red


The trailer will start looking at someone on a computer, they will be looking at a “webpage” that I will make on photoshop. They will be on a computer and then get up to leave. The tap on the keyboard should be distinctive and so should the chair as they stand up. They will then get up to leave and as the chair turns, it will reveal a Pokemon that was hidden there. The next shot will be the character going down a hallway and down the stairs. Their footsteps should be well heard as to emphasise the fact that he is the main character in this trailer. Once he is out of shot, two Pokemon will poke their heads around the door. He will then be walking down the stairs and towards a door. The stairs will squeak as there won’t be much happening in this scene. He will walk into a door and will stop right in front of a dragon Pokemon. The dragon will exhale heavily and smoke will come out of its nose. The sound of smoke coming out of its nose will sound like dry ice. After this it will cut to the motion graphic. An arrangement of the Pokemon theme will play over the motion graphics. At the end of the graphic will be a slamming sound as the trailer ends.


For the most part of the trailer I will be using sound effects that I will create. The sound is going to add more depth to the trailer an add more of an atmosphere. I would like the sound the enhance the live footage, I would like the audience to feel immersed.


For the most part I’m going to record my sounds myself and if theres any sounds I can’t get myself then I will have to use the Sony sound library. I am going to use a condenser microphone to record my sounds and will record it trough a digital analog interface into logic pro. This is where the sounds will be edited and added where appropriate.


I don’t foresee any ethical issues because I will be recording the sound effects myself. as no language is being used there wont be any discriminatory words or phrases used. There wont be any copyright issues as this is a college project and wont be released to make a profit.

Visual Design

My target audience is older teens and young adults, this is because they would have owned some of the original games. My trailer will be across between live action and animation.  I want it to feel as if the character is immersed with the animated characters from the Pokemon game. Sound will help me make the audience feel more immersed in the trailer itself. It can be compared to the original Pokemon red trailer. This trailer also mixed live action and animation together.

Technical Specification

I will be using an AKG C-1000 condenser microphone recording through an M-audio digital/analog interface. The software I will be using is logic. I will be recording the samples 16 bit resolution on an AIFF file with a sample rate of 44100 kHz. As it is an AIFF file it will be raw. I will be experimenting with the distance from the sounds I make to try and re-create a natural and realistic ambiance.


I a due to finish the project towards the end of April 2016. I hope to finish this project in the early days of May.


Sound Ideas. A mind map of different sounds I might need or will be using.

Sound Map. Showing which sounds I will be using and what kind of sounds they are.

Audio log. A log that shows which shots will have which sound effects.

Equipment Needed. This is a list of equipment that I will need.










Sound Essay

Sound can be created from lots of different sources. Sounds are vibrations that travel through the air as waves. Humans talk by vibrating the air in their throat.

There are two main types of sound waveform, the first is a sinusoidal waveform. Sinusoidal waves are also known as pure tone. They carry repetitive information that will be heard as a constant tone.

The other main waveform is complex waveforms. These waveforms carry lots of information and are made up of multiple sounds of vary pitch and amplitude. You can show a voice using complex waveforms.


A soundwave have three main elements to them. These three main parts are frequency, amplitude and wavelength.




The frequency  of a wave is the number of waves passing a certain point in a certain time. A time of one second is commonly used. Doing this gives frequency the unit of hertz (Hz) since one hertz is equal to one wave per second.

The amplitude of a wave is the distance from the centre line to the top (crest) or bottom (trough) of a wave. Amplitude is measured in metres, the bigger the amplitude of a wave, the more energy it is carrying.

The wavelength of a wave is the distance between any point on wave to the same point on the next wave along. To avoid confusion wavelength is usually measured from the immediate top or bottom of a wave. Like amplitude, the wavelength is measured in metres.

The Use Of Sound In Interactive Media

A lot of older TV shows were filmed in front of a live studio audience. This worked well because it helped the viewer to recognise which jokes were funnier than others. Now however, a lot of TV shows use a laughter track. A laughter track is pre-recorded laughter from an audience. The track is put whenever there is a joke, this becomes very repetitive.

Sound can completely change how you feel about a film. Sound is used to set the tone of a film, sound brings intensity and can show characters emotion. A lot of sounds in films are recorded on set, however a lot of more specific sounds are recorded elsewhere by professionals.

The use of sound in the games is very important. Unlike film, games don’t have a set to film on, instead every sound they include will have to be recorded at different locations or be pre-recorded content. There might be more of a variety of sounds in games, metal smashing together, car tyres screeching and many other sounds.


A decibel is a unit to measured the intensity of a sound.

Human can hear frequencies from 20 Hz (hertz) to 20 kHz (kilohertz). Humans with healthy ears can hear 0 dB (decibels) to 180 dB. 90 – 95 dB is the level above which hearing protection is recommended. long exposure to sounds 90 -95 dB or higher without ear protection can result in hearing damage. Short term exposure without ear protection at 140 dB can cause permanent damage.

  • A whisper – 30 dB
  • Hand Drill – 90 dB
  • Pain Begins At – 125 dB
  • Jet Engine At 100 metres – 140 dB
  • Loudest Sound Possible – 194 dB

Analog And digital

Analog recording takes the sound being recorded and puts it onto a tape. This means changes can’t easily be made. If you try to copy the sounds onto another format, it will loose quality. Digital recording is different. While recording something, the sound will be transferred into numbers, each number is called a sample. After this the numbers are transferred back into sound. The more samples per second, the better the quality.

Analog distortion is when a system cant handle the signal pattern, to make the file compatible the system will alter the shape of the signal. The most common type of distortion is known as clipping. Clipping is when the system cannot cope with he largest signals and cuts them off.

Digital distortion most often occurs in high frequency sounds rather than deep pitched ones, this doesn’t men that deep pitched sounds are invulnerable from distortion. Distortion occurs when theres too much signal input being put into an audio track. This is shown when a track reaches such a frequency that it clicks and crackles.

Production Process

Pre production – Planning of sound recording and gathering correct equipment.

Recording sounds – Sounds may be recorded several times to find the get the correct sound. (altering positions of microphones)

Editing – Sounds may need to be edited to be correct for project.

The main difference between mono and stereo is the number of channels. Mono audio signals are routed through a single channel. Stereo audio signals are routed through more than one channel (commonly two), this gives a sense of depth or direction.

Analog recording media. Cassette recording, reel to reel, mini disk.

Digital recording media. DAT, computer audio interface, digital field recorder.

Advantages. Digital signals carry more information per second than analog signals. Digital signals also keep their quality better over long distances. Analog signals have limited editing capabilities which discourages constant changes. 

Disadvantages. Although digital is the new way forward for recording sounds, computers can crash and corrupt work. Constant updating of software. Tape for analog recording is expensive and can deteriorate. Constant copying can deteriorate sound quality on analog recordings. 

Problems digitizing analog recordings. Tape speed can cause a problem, You can change the speed of recorded media, but in doing this, thew sound will change. If you were to slow down the recording then the sounds would get lower. Background noise can also be a problem.

WAV, AIFF, PCM (raw formats)  M4A, MP3, WMA (Compressed file formats)

Raw formats tend to have better sound quality compared to compressed file formats.

Sound can change how people feel about a project, adding sound to a movie can make it much more intense. Old comedy movies would exaggerate sounds to bring attention to something. In gaming, sound can also set the mood, having creaking doors in horror games, and other sounds makes, the player feel more scared.