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I am writing to express my interest in the video editor position that you currently have available at you What Culture office in England. I would be very interested in this position as I like the idea of editing videos and learning more about the industry. I believe that the role of video editor in a video based company is a very important role. I am familiar with the What Culture brand and I think I could bring a new quality to the company. I like to work with a team and taking constructive feedback. I have been editing videos for a little while now and would be willing to learn new and exciting skills. Please see my CV and blog of current work attached. I hope you will consider me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully,

Tristan Smith


I feel as if my cover letter would clearly explain what I will bring and why I should get the job, here’s a standard cover letter


Job Link

What skills are required to develop and improve to get this job.

Although I know how to edit videos on a basic level I would still need to improve on my editing skills if I want this job. They are looking for someone who is skilled in after effect, I know how to use it but I would still need to learn more about it. It would require me to work in a large group of people, I feel as if i would be okay with this as I work in large groups of people at work.











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