Regulation Of The Media Sector

There are a lot of different professional bodies that regulate the gaming industry. The regulations they apply to thee gaming industry are made to protect people from games that may be inappropriate for them and they also make sure certain rules are followed when making and creating a videogame. Some regulations include, advertisement laws, data protection and privacy and age rating and classification. These all mean different things when making a game and you must abide by them to get your game sold.

While making content for collage i haven’t come across any issues when it comes to regulations in the gaming industry. When it came to making our game trailers i had to keep in mind that I would be uploading it to youtube so i had to be sure to abide by YouTubes rules. While making concepts for our games I had to make sure to avoid any content that would be deemed inappropriate to make sure not to offend anyone. Many Triple A game companies have to follow similar rules.

The gaming industry has regulations to protect people from games that may be inappropriate for their age group. Some regulations make sure that game companies keep any personal information about their customers private so that no one can steal from them. Another regulation is the fact that if a trailer thats made is not gameplay footage they must specify that in small print. The reason for this is that people will be disappointed if they bought a game for a trailer they saw that was not gameplay footage, this would in turn give the game bad reviews.

A Monopoly is a situation when a single company or group owns all or most of the market for a given type of product or service, in this instance it would be games. It’s important that no one company has a Monopoly, the reason for this is because they will have full control of a complete market which means they would have to release lots of content quickly, due to this, the content they release would be bad quality and be very expensive.

Consumer choice is exactly what it sounds like, it is the choices that consumers are or have been making over time. This can determine weather or not a company should make another game in a series or weather a console hasConsumer choice is very important for game companies as their consumers choices will effect how much they make and what they should make next. It can help game companies know weather they need to change anything in their next game by seeing what their consumers have been choosing recently.

Censorship is the suppression of information that may be considered harmful for the consumer. An example of this is when games may censor swear words as to not persuade people to use swear words. Some people think that there is a fine line between protecting the public interest and censorship. Public interest can also be considered the welfare and well-being of the public. So censoring swear words could be considered protecting the public interest.

Under 18’s are subject to particular consideration by regulators as they are more influenced by things they may see or play. If you were to break a regulation when releasing a game then you could be fined or prosecuted as they must be followed. Regulations and deregulations can slow down production and release of videogames as there is lots of legal process.














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  1. franwyllie · July 12, 2016

    Some fair understanding of some of the issues but note that Copyright issues are also a major factor.
    There is also a code of conduct that games companies should abide by (Vsg council)
    Capped at pass due to late hand in.


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