Research Report

Market and Audience Research

I am making a trailer for the game Pokemon Red. Pokemon Red was released in 1996 and many new versions have been and are still being made today. The game would be released for all ages, the game isn’t graphically violent and is very child friendly. My trailer will also be released for all audiences, the reason for this is because the trailer is supposed to make you want to buy the game, so releasing it to everyone will make more people want to buy it. My trailer wont be violent or scary so younger viewers should be okay with it. My trailer will mix animation with live action recording to make the viewer feel immersed in the Pokemon world.

Although my game is being released for everyone, my main target audience is older teens to young adults as they will have more patience and time to play through the whole game. another reason for this is that most young adults would have owned the original Pokemon games and may be more interested due to that fact. I think it would be a good idea to put my trailer on youtube and on other social media websites so that more people will see it. The reason this may get more peoples attention is because a lot of people now use social media everyday, so they would be more likely to see my trailer. When doing my survey, lots of people said that trailers influence them to buy games, not only that, but they also said that they would like to see Pokemon Red re-released. Nintendo have actually released a Pokemon red re-make, this proves that people definitely wanted to see another one.


Production research

My trailer should be relatively easy to record. For the live action shooting I have acquired an SLR camera that I will be using to record. I also have a tripod for shots that require the camera to be still. All the recording will take place in my house as my trailer is trying to show everyone that you an be immersed in this game. For recording the sound I may have to go to different places to get certain sounds, such as smoke or dry ice. As my Dad’s a musician, I can get access to proper sound recording mic’s. This is helpful as it will be able to capture the sound as cleanly and clearly as possible. This will also help me to back up my point of people feeling immersed. As I am doing my work outside of college, I have had to start paying for Adobe Suite. Adobe Suite gives me access to all the Adobe applications, including Adobe After Effects. This will allow me to animate the animated portion of my trailer. I wont need to record anywhere else but my house, this saves me having to ask permission to record in certain places. I will have to use Photoshop a lot to create the characters that I will then animate. They will be easier to animate in Photoshop as After Effects is primarily used to actually animate the characters.


Rational for Trailer and Marketing Strategy

I have tried to keep my trailer violent free, this way more people will see it and share it, not just those in my target audience. One of the main reasons i chose my target audience to be older teen and young adult is due to the fact that they would be more time to play them and appreciate them. The chart below shows that a high percentage of young adults (between 18-35) play videogames online or offline, which makes them a perfect target audience. It also shows that the gender of the average gamer is slightly more male than it is female, my trailer isn’t directed towards either gender which gives me an advantage.esa-on-games

My trailer is basically an announcement trailer for the Pokemon Red.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 15.45.24.png

Image From: Videopixie

As you can see from the image above, an announcement trailer is made to get people excited about a game. This is why I will have to put the more exciting aspects of Pokemon into the trailer, for this I will be animating the main Pokemon characters from the game into my trailer. It also says it is good not to reveal too much, my trailer will follow this guideline as i do not have much to reveal apart from the trailer itself.


Pokemon is defined as a Role-Playing Game (RPG) and and Action game. Luckily for me both RPG and Action games are high on the list of favourite genres. This is good because it means that fans of both the genres can enjoy my game and will want to watch the trailer to find out more.

I will be putting my trailer on YouTube, this will allow more people to see it, it is also good to put it on different social network sights as more and more people are using social network sights.


This shows just how many people are now using social networking sights.


In conclusion, I hope make a trailer that will portray the Pokemon Red game well and I hope it is enjoyed by my target audience.













One comment

  1. franwyllie · June 9, 2016

    “The reason this may get more peoples attention is because a lot of people now use social media everyday” This should have been backed up by relevant research which was the main point of this exercise.
    You have not put this in the Category Fran / Category Unit 3 so it has taken me a while to find this.
    Can you please create a new category for Unit 7 also.
    Your production research is ok but not going into much depth as is your Marketing strategy or research.
    You have not provided any real insights or shown any evidence for your research such as screenshots / links / graphs.
    You will need to do so to pass this task.


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