Sound Proposal With Pre-Production

I will be making a trailer for the game Pokemon Red


The trailer will start looking at someone on a computer, they will be looking at a “webpage” that I will make on photoshop. They will be on a computer and then get up to leave. The tap on the keyboard should be distinctive and so should the chair as they stand up. They will then get up to leave and as the chair turns, it will reveal a Pokemon that was hidden there. The next shot will be the character going down a hallway and down the stairs. Their footsteps should be well heard as to emphasise the fact that he is the main character in this trailer. Once he is out of shot, two Pokemon will poke their heads around the door. He will then be walking down the stairs and towards a door. The stairs will squeak as there won’t be much happening in this scene. He will walk into a door and will stop right in front of a dragon Pokemon. The dragon will exhale heavily and smoke will come out of its nose. The sound of smoke coming out of its nose will sound like dry ice. After this it will cut to the motion graphic. An arrangement of the Pokemon theme will play over the motion graphics. At the end of the graphic will be a slamming sound as the trailer ends.


For the most part of the trailer I will be using sound effects that I will create. The sound is going to add more depth to the trailer an add more of an atmosphere. I would like the sound the enhance the live footage, I would like the audience to feel immersed.


For the most part I’m going to record my sounds myself and if theres any sounds I can’t get myself then I will have to use the Sony sound library. I am going to use a condenser microphone to record my sounds and will record it trough a digital analog interface into logic pro. This is where the sounds will be edited and added where appropriate.


I don’t foresee any ethical issues because I will be recording the sound effects myself. as no language is being used there wont be any discriminatory words or phrases used. There wont be any copyright issues as this is a college project and wont be released to make a profit.

Visual Design

My target audience is older teens and young adults, this is because they would have owned some of the original games. My trailer will be across between live action and animation.  I want it to feel as if the character is immersed with the animated characters from the Pokemon game. Sound will help me make the audience feel more immersed in the trailer itself. It can be compared to the original Pokemon red trailer. This trailer also mixed live action and animation together.

Technical Specification

I will be using an AKG C-1000 condenser microphone recording through an M-audio digital/analog interface. The software I will be using is logic. I will be recording the samples 16 bit resolution on an AIFF file with a sample rate of 44100 kHz. As it is an AIFF file it will be raw. I will be experimenting with the distance from the sounds I make to try and re-create a natural and realistic ambiance.


I a due to finish the project towards the end of April 2016. I hope to finish this project in the early days of May.


Sound Ideas. A mind map of different sounds I might need or will be using.

Sound Map. Showing which sounds I will be using and what kind of sounds they are.

Audio log. A log that shows which shots will have which sound effects.

Equipment Needed. This is a list of equipment that I will need.











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