Planning of 2D Animation Sequence

The game I will be making a trailer for is Pokemon Red, released early 1996. I chose this game because I know that Pokemon is enjoyed by lots of people. To be sure, I looked for the best selling video games and found that Pokemon Red is the second best selling game on the Game Boy. I feel that Pokemon is a good choice because they are still releasing new Pokemon games to this day, this proves that people still want to play Pokemon games.

To think of ideas I decided to look at the original trailer released for Pokemon Red.

The original Pokemon trailer.

This trailer was helpful because they have mixed 2D animation and live action shooting which is what we have to do. In this trailer the live action character communicates a lot with the 2D characters. In my trailer, for the most part my live action character wont communicate with the 2D characters.

Trailer Ideas

My first trailer ideas starts with someone on a sofa playing on a Nintendo. It will zoom onto their face and they will look up to see a small Pokemon in front of them. They will proceed to pick up the Pokemon and it will cut to the motion graphic.

old storyboard

I drew a simple storyboard for this idea. One of the biggest problems with this idea is that it would be too short. Our trailers have to be between thirty and sixty seconds long.

My Trailer Idea

My trailer will start in a bedroom, the live action character will be on the computer. He will be looking at a website on Pokemon merchandise. I will have to photoshop an image and make it look as if it is a website for the character to look at. After he looks at the website he will get up and leave. As he leaves the chair he was sitting in will slightly spin and will reveal a Pokemon sat next to the computer. The next scene will show him walking down the hallway and down the stairs. As he is walking past the door two Pokemon will appear out from the doorframe and look down the hall. He will walk down the stairs and into the lounge. When in the lounge he will stop and see the dragon type Pokemon names Charizard. It will slightly zoom onto his face and then cut to the motion graphics.

Main storyboard

This is my storyboard for my final trailer idea. The last two shots are the motion graphics that I will use in my trailer.After deciding on my trailer, I had to come up with character designs.

Animated Characters

There will be four different Pokemon in my trailer.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Charizard and Squirtle

The first animated character you will see is Charmander hidden behind a chair.


The next Pokemon you will see is Bulbasaur and Squirtle. They will be looking away from the camera through a doorway. This will be easier than the charmander because I will only have to draw them from one angle.

The last character you are introduced to is Charizard. He was the first character I began working on. Pokemon is originally an 8-bit game so I started to design Charizard as an 8-Bit character.

After drawing it I made a cleaner version in Photoshop. The problem with having an 8-bit character is that it can be hard to draw it from different angles, so i decided against an 8-bit character.

I have decided to go more cel-shaded than pixel, this makes it a little bit easier for me to animate from different angles. There will be a face close up of Charizard so I will also have to have a good face close up.


The room which will be seen for the longest time will be the first room. The first room will be a bedroom. I would really like to integrate the world of Pokemon into my trailer. To do this I am going to make a poster and a fake webpage to appear in my trailer.

BG poster

The point that my trailer will try to put across is that you can immerse yourself in the Pokemon game world. I will have to photoshop both of these items to appear in the trailer.

Photoshop bg

I will make this look as if it is a fake website that the character is browsing.


My trailer will be within thirty and forty seconds long. My railer will try to convince people that you can be immersed in the Pokemon world by playing Pokemon Red. I will have to create my own soundtrack for the trailer, and will add effects that I will create. I have already begun testing for the motion graphic part of my trailer and have a good idea of the final design. I will begin filming of my trailer soon.


























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