Planning For Motion Graphics

In my trailer, the motion graphics sequence is going to appear at the end. I am making a trailer for the game Pokemon Red. My motion graphic sequence will be relatively easy and not too long. The first thing I did was make a brainstorm of all the things I could include.Mind map

I don’t think that I will have many issues while making my motion graphics sequence. The reason for this is because my motion graphics sequence isn’t going to be too complicated. Since I am making my trailer at home, I downloaded adobe suite, this means there is no chance of it getting corrupted or deleted by anyone.

After brainstorming, I decided to do some concept art for the Pokemon logo I would use. I started by drawing up the logo and scanning it in.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 16.21.49

After scanning the Pokemon logo in I photoshopped it in three different colours.

pokemon logo change

The first one I did was in the original colours 0f the Pokemon logo. I like this because it’s very bright and easily recognisable.

pokemon logo r + y

For the second one I replaced the blue with red. I though this might look good because I am doing the game Pokemon red. I felt as if the yellow and red went well together but I decided to test the red with orange.

pokemon logo r + o

This one was my least favourite of the three. After making the three I have decided to use the blue one I made.

Motion Graphics Sequence Proposal.

It will start with sparks/stars flying past. Suddenly the Pokemon logo will zoom in from the distance. I will add motion blur as to make it look as if the logo is actually moving. It will zoom in slightly too far and then bounce back to a good position. Once the logo is in its finished position then I will make it shine/sparkle. This will be shown at the end of my trailer for Pokemon Red.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 17.54.38

Storyboard of my motion graphics sequence.









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