Motion Graphics Report

Motion Graphics. There are various different types of motion graphics. Motion graphics are graphics that will use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio to be used in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are useful for making something look more interesting and exciting, lots of different companies use them to show their logos. Motion graphics can be found on a lot of different media, for example, title sequences, DVD menus, TV, Internet videos and much more.

Video Compositing Video compositing is the combination of visual elements from different sources into single images, this is done to make it look as if all the different parts are part of the same scene. This can be done in live action shooting (usually known as green/blue screen). This is used a lot in films now to get footage that you wouldn’t normally be able to get. Like the example below.


Motion graphics and video compositing are often used together. For example, DVD interfaces. In the example below there is an image of the main character of the film composited in the background and animated images on the screen too.


Animated captions. Animated captions are used a lot on television, especially on the news. They are used to show little bits of information and names. On some new channels in America, the current stock market reports pass by under the screen. Animated captions are usually not too complicated, this makes them easier to animate and make. They are usually found on the bottom third of the screen, they are placed on the bottom of the screen as to not distract attention away from the main element on the screen.

DVD Interfaces. DVD menus can be very different. Most have a still background with a few animated alterations to make it look more interesting, like moving words. Most DVD menus use a scene, or a few scenes from within the show or film which will be left on a loop, this is on a loop up until the viewer chooses something. Other DVD menus will use a still image of a main character of an image from the movie/tv show and wont add any animation. No matter which type of DVD menu it is, music is usually present so the background isn’t too repetitive or boring.

On the Rocky IV menu, it has a loop of different scenes from the film with the main soundtrack. Not only this, but the film name also appears across the menu.

Stings. A sting is a very short animated video, these are usually made to make company logos more interesting, and be quick way to show them off. These animated videos are typically very short, usually lasting between five and twenty seconds. These animated videos are usually made to remind the viewer what channel they are watching without having a long advertisement. Having different variations of stings will allow viewers to have a longer and more lasting impression of the company in mind.

Image result for e4 estings

E4 is a good example, they have a wide variety of stings and are quite well known for having very strange stings. They recently also had a competition for the public to send in their own stings for E4 to use on their TV channel.

Winner of the E4 sting competition.

Title and credits sequence. Title sequences can be very important, because it is the beginning of a program or film the title sequence is usually more exciting to draw the viewers into the start of the film/tv show, it will also have a main music theme. The end credits sequence are usually very slow and wont have any animation for the most part, it will mostly be just words. This is very different to the title sequence which can be overlaid on top of the programme or other graphics.

The first example is the main actors/actresses names over scenes from the show.

Example 1

The second example is the introductory credits over different graphics.

Example 2

Kinetic Typography is the more technical name for moving text. This motion graphic technique is supposed to evoke a certain idea and/or emotion into the viewer. Kinetic typography mixes motion and text using animation. This motion graphic can be used in a lot of places, including introduction sequences and advertisements. Kinetic typography is widely used for music lyric videos.

Kinetic Typography – Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you worry child.

Possible technological issues. All of these different types of motion graphics, no matter how impressive, all have technological issues. Motion graphics are used widely across lots of different media outlets and different companies. There are a few technical constraints of which limit the motion graphics shown. Video format can be quite an issue, especially for those who are inexperienced in making motion graphics. If you were to choose the wrong type of video format or a video format that a certain type of computer couldn’t read then you wouldn’t be able to play or use your motion graphics. If you were showing your motion graphic to a company and it wouldn’t play then that would be a problem. Another technological issue is technology. People all own different types of televisions, some older televisions may not be able to show very accurate colours or images on stings, which can make your viewers think that your company isn’t very professional which can damage the integrity of your brand.




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