Research techniques essay

Quantitative research is about asking people for their opinions in a structured way so that it will allow you to produce statistics and facts to help guid you on your current project. To make sure you get reliable statistic results it is better to survey larger numbers of people, this will make sure that your findings are more accurate. You have to make sure to ask the right questions to try and get the answers you want. It is important that there is options for everyone to choose.

Quantitative research would be used if people wanted something to change, this would be how you know how strongly they feel about this change happening and will help you determine weather or not you will be making that change. For example, if it was game related it could be a minor issue with the game that is annoying people, a survey would tell you how strongly they wanted this bug fixed.

Qualitative research is more about finding out not just what people think about a product, but why they think that. Its about talking to people about their opinions so you can understand more about their motivations and feelings towards something. The best way to find out these things is with face to face interviews and group discussions. This kind of research is best used for when you are coming up with new product ideas. Peoples reactions are used so that you can fine tune anything that they might have a problem with. Having various interviews beforehand allows you to tackle problems in advance.

Qualitative research would be used if you wanted to know why people are feeling as they do and what you could possibly do to change that. Or it could tell you how people might feel in the future before a product is released.

I think that both qualitative and quantitative research would be helpful devising and placing my trailer. They would be helpful beforehand because that would tell me if people though the game i have chosen is a good idea or not. It would also be helpful afterwards because i could then get peoples opinion on weather or not their excited fir this game.

Primary research. This is completely new research that you have gone and gotten personally, there are many different ways you could go about doing this. You could conduct a few surveys or you could do a few interviews with people, as long as its you getting the data about a current project. This means primary research can be both qualitative and quantitative.

Secondary research is looking for research that has already been collected by someone else before you. The research you look for should be about the project you are currently working on, but your not the one to collect the research originally. You could look in places like libraries in magazines, or look at interview footage. This makes secondary research qualitative and quantitative.

I could use primary research to get some surveys about the game trailer I will make and if people would watch it. I would also see what old games people enjoyed the most to see which would be a god choice to make a trailer for.

I would use secondary research to see if people have already spoken about wanting the game trailer I’m going to release. I could look at current game magazines to see what game genres people like at the moment.

Audience research is an accurate way of finding more out about your audience, this can help you make more decisions on the current project your working on. It can find out how large your audience is and what their preferences are. The most common method of audience research is surveys, groups of people are selected, and are a asked a few questions with a selection of answers. The answers are then tallied and counted to determine the most common choice.

Market research is researching the market in which your product will compete. Its looking at similar products and competitors, for example, market research for a game would be looking at games in the same genre or games with a similar gameplay. Doing this, you can find out what parts of other games people like and put it into your own. It will also help you to know what to avoid when making a new product, this is because, knowing what people didn’t like about other products can help you.

Production research is always needed when developing a new product, it focuses on the production of the product, basically how its made. It’s looking at the products buyers and seeing what they want to see, this way producers can produce the product right and make it look good when a trailer or an advertisement is shown on television. This is very important, without production research, your product might not be shown off properly, this would lead to your product being a complete failure.








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