Low Poly Earth

Our WorldThis is a low poly earth I made in Cinema 4D last week. Making this allowed me to explore some new skills which will help me in the future. Although it has a low poly count it still takes almost 10 seconds to render. Maybe I could compress it, I genuinely don’t know at this point. I made this after watching a time lapse of someone making one similar. Although you can only see this side, the river actually runs all the way around the plane, as does the snow on the mountain. The trickiest part to make was the trees, this is because I had to flip the whole thing upside down to make it, this made it difficult to rotate while working. I saw on the video that the man used a randomiser on the clouds, i couldn’t find out how to do this, this is because I didn’t have it. I was using the demo, so I didn’t have a lot of features. I think I might put it on a purple/black gradient background and possibly make it my background image.


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